Relay for Life 2021

Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 4:00pm to 4:00pm

University Center, Front Lawn
29 Trembley Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Throughout the weekend:

Virtual raffles

Auction sign ups online
Pre sales
Teams can donate

Mask fundraiser

Design masks that can be sold before and during relay online

-we would like to discuss how to make events on Lehigh's campus in person. Every event would uphold the current state and university COVID-19 regulations (such as restricting the number of people at the live event, wearing masks, social distancing, hawk watch, etc.). All in person events will have sign up sheets and once capacity is met it is met. All in person events will have the option to tune in over zoom so that all can participate. If for some reason in person events cannot take place, all events will proceed via zoom. The location would be anywhere outside to include a higher number of participants, hopefully the front lawn or the zoellner courtyard as locations on campus to use. You will notice below that we have decided to split relay into a weekend event to allow for in person events to be socially distanced rather than having a ton of people in one place for many hours at a time.
Friday, April 16th:

4:00pm: opening ceremony IN PERSON (front lawn)

First lap of the relay
Maybe a performance or an event

5:00pm: Guest Speaker ZOOM

Either a survivor locally or a famous survivor

This night: Relay night at a local restaurant willing to have a portion of proceeds go to us

Molly’s drink special???

Saturday, April 17th:

12:00pm: survivorship ceremony IN PERSON (front lawn)

Have megan create a plan for this

2:00pm: Guest Speaker ZOOM

The opposite of that from yesterday

4:00pm: Zumba IN PERSON (front lawn) AND ZOOM (tune in)

Hopefully can have pre-register for a zumba on the front lawn with the option to tune in via zoom

6:00pm: virtual performance and trivia ZOOM
8:00pm: luminaria ceremony IN PERSON (front lawn) AND ZOOM (tune in)

Week before relay have people register for a bag to be sent to them to decorate
Line bags around the front lawn and have people social distance during the ceremony
Lighting of the glow sticks (can also pre send out)

For those on zoom, can light a glow stick or turn on their zoom background in honor of their person

Play the video of everyone explaining why they relay over zoom
Moment of silence while we walk around the front lawn
Followed by a performance if possible in person if not in person on zoom

Sunday, April 18th:

12:00pm: Mr and Mrs relay ZOOM (maybe in person?)

Tasks that can be done at home
Vote over zoom

2:00pm: virtual performances ZOOM

Have several dance/singing groups perform

4:00pm: closing ceremony IN PERSON (front lawn)

Last lap
Announce the team that has raised the most
Greek cup

Hosted by: Colleges Against Cancer

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