Final Project Presentations | Healthcare Systems Engineering

Wednesday, May 6 at 8:00am to 12:20pm

Virtual Event

Join us as HSE students present their project presentations.  Link:

8:00 AM: Alex Almonte Sizing Up Patients for Proper Care: The High BMI Patient

This project aims to look at the nursing resource needs for caring for high-BMI patients

in an acute care setting and quantify the impact of not considering BMI in nursing staff


8:30 AM Lori Alfonse Appropriate Screening Mammogram Rates: The Essential Gateway to a Breast

Cancer Institute of Excellence

The goal of this project is to analyze barriers to obtaining a screening mammography

and provide a framework for improving the screening rates for a multi-site cancer

institute of excellence program.

9:00 AM Daniel Butz & Saral Patel

Remote Patient Monitoring Technology Analysis

What criteria should be considered for the technology when developing a remote patient

monitoring program? This project explores the process for identifying and selecting the

optimal technology for a diabetes monitoring program.

9:30 AM Emily Pellegrini & Amy Wajdula

Acute Drug Shortages in US Hospitals: Cost and Management Considerations

When looking into the true cost of drug shortages experienced by the hospitals, what

dimensions should be considered? This research aims to develop a framework for

answering this question.

10:00 AM Project Posters (on loop, during break)

10:15 AM Laurelle Giovannoli Physician Interaction Using Social Data

What would a solution that integrates social determinants of health and clinical data look

like? And how would a physician use it? This work explores these questions.

10:45 AM Lauren Pyfer Optimizing Ophthalmology Outpatient Scheduling

Applying best practices in analysis and scheduling, this work looks at practical ways to

improve the flow in a busy outpatient eye clinic by looking at ways to improve the

scheduling paradigm.


11:15 AM Jannah Wing Analyzing the Impact of Inpatient Bed Capacity on ED Patient Boarding

Through simulation modeling and statistical data analysis, this project looks at the

inpatient bed capacity needed to satisfy demand from the hospital’s busy emergency


11:45 AM Christina Vikingstad Creating Healthier Futures for Families: HKRS Wellness App

Over the past ten years, Healthy Kids Running Serieshas built a successful,

community-driven platform for engaging children and teenagers in an active lifestyle.

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